Necromolds: Call to Arms Expansion & Reprint

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Mold 'em! Fight 'em! Smash 'em! The sold-out miniature wargame returns with new monsters, new terrain, and an all-new expansion! Don't miss this final chance to support Necromolds and receive pledge exclusives along with localized customs-friendly shipping in supported regions!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

BackerKit Pledge Survey, Late Pledges, Cover Art, and More!
18 days ago – Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 04:37:59 AM

Hi Necromolds backers and supporters,

I hope you all had a frighteningly fun Halloween last month! This is a pretty big important update, so please be sure to read through it all - especially the info regarding the BackerKit survey!

Happy Halloween from Graveghoul, Veggitoad, and the Mud Mumps!

It has been 1 month since our Call to Arms campaign ended AND it's been 3 years since our very first Kickstarter in November of 2019! It's crazy how fast time has flown by these last few years.

As a throwback before we get into the meat of this update, here is our very first Necromolds announcement trailer from 2019!

 It's cool to see how far we've come since those early 3D-printed spellbook prototypes - all thanks to your support!

So what have I been up to for the last month?

The last month has been filled with business development and management tasks. 

After the campaign ended, it took Kickstarter a couple of weeks to process and deliver the funds. During the last several weeks, I've been working through all of our finances, manufacturing costs, and estimates. With the surprising level of support we received during our Kickstarter, I wanted to again triple-check all of our math to make sure there were no oversights at this scale.

I also managed to sneak in a gaming convention!

Rockin' my "Fight'em" Graveghoul shirt at Gamehole Con in Madison WI!

One of the hardest business tasks is finalizing our order quantities for the full product line. The goal is to order as many extra copies as possible without taking on too much risk by accidentally ordering too many. Here are some examples of the questions that I've been working through:

  • How many Battle Boxes should be ordered?
  • How many Call to Arms expansions should be ordered?
  • What percent of Battle Box owners can be expected to eventually order the expansion? How many existing Battle Box owners already backed the campaign?

With six different monster packs, the new expansion, and all of our accessories, you can hopefully see how time-consuming it is to analyze all of our data to determine how to best set ourselves up for success!

Basically, I've been trapped inside Google Sheets for the last month.

But is that all I've been working on? Of course not! There is also...

BackerKit Pledge Manager

Surveys Have Been Sent!

Emails have started going out to all backers for our pledge manager, BackerKit. You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. Completing the BackerKit survey is required to receive your pledge!

A pledge manager is a platform used to organize and manage large Kickstarter campaigns. It allows you to:

  • Upgrade your pledge level
  • Add more to your pledge
  • Keep your shipping address up-to-date
  • Pay final taxes (if required) and shipping costs

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses at any time before we close the surveys and get our final counts.

It's a really powerful tool and I forgot how much time it takes to set it all up properly! It's critical that everything be fully set up and tested thoroughly prior to launching the surveys. Thank you for your patience as I've been putting it all together!

If you haven't received your survey email yet, please check your spam folder or allow a few extra days for it to arrive. The BackerKit email will look like this:

From: Necromolds

Subject: Response Needed — Get your reward for Necromolds: Call to Arms Expansion & Reprint

If the email does not arrive in due time or if you need to recover your survey to make changes, you can recover your survey here:

 Payment Processing Errors!

Kickstarter was unable to collect pledges from 80 backers due to payment errors. If your account experienced a payment error, you'll be able to fix it in your BackerKit survey. Just enter your updated payment information when prompted at the end of the survey.

Pledges with payment errors that are not corrected prior to the pledge manager closing will be canceled.

Your pledges just got even better!

The bonus Mystery Ring Packs that were unlocked via stretch goals during the campaign have been upgraded to Spectral Hero Caster Rings! Keep in mind, these exclusive rings will never be manufactured again!

So how many exclusive rings will you be receiving with your pledge level?

  • MONSTER PACK backers will receive 1 Spectral Hero Caster Ring.
  • CALL TO ARMS EXPANSION backers will receive 2 Spectral Hero Caster Rings.
  • BATTLE BOX STARTER SET backers will receive 2 Spectral Hero Caster Rings.
  • GIVE ME THE NEW STUFF backers will receive 4 Spectral Hero Caster Rings.
  • I WANT EVERYTHING backers will receive 4 Spectral Hero Caster Rings.

If you upgrade your pledge level in the BackerKit survey, you will still receive unlocked stretch goal bonuses and all other campaign upgrades!

Introducing the "Battle Box 4-Player Upgrade"

Early in the Kickstarter campaign, I realized that our 3 to 4-player upgrades were causing confusion. The big question from backers was, what do I need to play Necromolds with 4 players?

I've also had a number of backers reach out to me asking how they can purchase more combat dice and gems. Instead of further fracturing our game components into more SKUs, I wanted to take the BackerKit survey as an opportunity to streamline and clarify the products.

The new "Battle Box 4-Player Upgrade" includes:

  • 8 Command dice
  • 12 Combat dice
  • 25 Gems

If you're an I WANT EVERYTHING backer, the 2 Command Dice Sets included in your original pledge have been upgraded to a "Battle Box 4-Player Upgrade" at no additional cost!

If you added Command Dice Sets to your pledge as addons in Kickstarter, their value has been credited to your BackerKit survey. You can either add the standalone Command Dice Sets back to your pledge in BackerKit, or else you can put the credits toward the new Battle Box 4-Player Upgrade (which includes 2 sets of command dice).

"Call to Arms 4-Player Pack" Changes

The "Call to Arms 4-Player Pack" has been renamed the "Call to Arms 4-Player Upgrade." It now includes 6 wounded combat dice at no additional cost to our campaign backers!

So to summarize the 4-player requirements...

Playing the Battle Box with 4 players requires:

  • 1x Necromolds Battle Box Starter Set
  • 1x Battle Box 4-Player Upgrade OR 2x Command Dice Sets
  • 2x Monster Packs (You'll want the included clay and caster rings for the additional players)

Playing the Call to Arms expansion with 4 players requires everything listed above plus:

  • 1x Necromolds: Call to Arms Expansion
  • 1x Call to Arms 4-Player Upgrade

Late Pledge Now Available!

Did you (or a friend) miss our Kickstarter campaign but really want to support Necromolds? You're not alone. We've had over 400 people sign up for our late pledge notification! A lot of them learning about Necromolds from the recently posted Goonhammer review!

We've just launched our late pledge via BackerKit. It will be open for a limited time, so be sure to check it out using the link below!

Necromolds Late Pledge Store


Thank you again for backing our campaign at the retail level! 

The BackerKit survey will walk you through a couple of our retailer policies (MAPP and Online Sales Policy). If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please contact me at

In the BackerKit survey, you'll find all of our wholesale-priced retail products available as add-ons to your base pledge level. Please add whatever products you are planning to order to your pledge. The order won't be charged at this time, and this information will help me as I finalize manufacturing quantities. I want to be able to continue to support you with restocking inventory after fulfillment.

Once I learn how many games fit in a box, we will work together to dial in your final order for the most efficient shipping cost. At that point, I'll also request any required business ID and tax documents.


Before ending this pretty important and long update, I wanted to share with you an in-progress preview of the Necromolds Call to Arms cover art by Thad Stalmack II.

In-progress cover artwork for Necromolds: Call to Arms

What do you think?!?

I absolutely love seeing all of those Mud Mumps and Blood Mumps armed with soul-bound artifacts. Plus the epic Tormurack vs Petripod fight happening in the background is a battle ready for the big screen!

Thad has also been working hard on the illustrations for the all-new lore book, which I'll be sharing in future updates!

With all of this business prep work and BackerKit setup out of the way, I'll finally get to focus on the more creative and exciting aspects of this project: finalizing the game design, graphical layouts, and more.

Thank you all again for your support! As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

- Clint

Campaign Wrap Up: Pledge Manager, Late Pledges, and What's to Come!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 05:52:33 PM

Hi Necrocasters!

First things first! I know I've said this a lot already, but I want to thank you all for being a part of this Kickstarter campaign and giving me the opportunity to continue expanding and evolving Necromolds. This is a game that would not have been made without your support, involvement, and excitement!

This second Kickstarter campaign is a huge deal for both Necromolds and me. I always knew that the first Kickstarter was all about getting the game made and seeing if people liked it. Financially, I knew that this second Kickstarter would be the one to decide if Necromolds could be more than a project I worked on in my spare time.

It was THE catalyst.

I truly had no idea what to expect when I hit the launch button for this Kickstarter. I had done a ton of groundwork to give Necromolds the best shot I could but was preparing myself for the worst-case scenario. I was even trying to figure out what I'd say on the Penny Arcade stream if Necromolds had failed to fund!

Luckily, you all showed up so fast that we blew past our funding goal in the first two hours! Ten months of stress and anxiety were instantly lifted off my shoulders as we continued to climb to our final funding of 553k! It's even mind-blowing to type that!

Here are some fun facts about the campaign:

  • Our Kickstarter video was played over 10,000 times!
  • One-third of you are returning backers, while two-thirds are brand new to Necromolds!
  • Over 1,000 of you went all out and pledged for the "I WANT EVERYTHING" level!

This campaign was a huge success because of you! So let's celebrate! Next week Thursday, October 13th at 7:30pm CT I'll be live on the Necromolds Facebook Page to hang out, chat, and answer any questions you may have about Necromolds!

Now, let's turn to some important post-campaign information...

Communication - What to Expect

Communication and transparency are extremely important to me. It not only keeps you up-to-date on the progress being made but also keeps you involved with the actual creation of Necromolds!

I'm proud of how communication was handled in the first Kickstarter campaign and plan to manage this project in a similar way.

What do I use official Kickstarter updates for?

It takes quite a bit of time to write an official Kickstarter update, so I always want to make sure they are worth your time to read. I save only the most important or exciting information for an official update. That means that when you see a notification that one has been posted, it's important that you read it to stay up to date.

There are some time-sensitive tasks that you'll be asked to do over the next 10 months. For example: entering your shipping information, making sure that info is up to date, locking in your final pledge, and more. So please make sure to read these official updates so you don't miss important deadlines.

What about mini-updates?

I'll often pin a mini-update to the top of the comments section of the Kickstarter campaign page. These updates are smaller and give you a way to check in on what is currently happening in the project.

How else can I be reached?

Whenever you receive a message or comment from "Necromolds", that's coming from me (Clint)! I'm always watching our social pages, so feel free to direct message me here on Kickstarter or any of our social pages below:




Pledge Manager

What is a pledge manager? 

A pledge manager is a 3rd party post-campaign tool used to organize and manage Kickstarter pledges. It is where you'll be able to upgrade your pledge level, add more to your pledge, keep your shipping address up-to-date, and more!

We will be using BackerKit for pledge management.

When will the pledge manager open? 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be working with the team at BackerKit to get the pledge manager set up. Once it goes live, I'll post another official Kickstarter update.

Late Pledges

I've already received messages from people who just barely missed the campaign but really want to be a part of making Necromolds happen. The pledge manager will be an opportunity for those who missed the Kickstarter to late pledge for a copy of the game.

If you missed the Kickstarter and want to be notified when late pledges are available, click here.

Retail Backers

Thank you so much for being a part of this Kickstarter campaign! I know it's a big ask for retailers to put down money so far in advance for a product - so I really appreciate your support and cannot wait to help you offer Necromolds to your local gaming community.

In the near future, I'll reach out with additional information regarding the next steps for retail backers. I want to keep this as simple, straightforward, and fast for you as possible.

Next Steps

My next steps involve setting the logistical groundwork for finalizing assets and preparing for manufacturing. It's all pretty boring stuff, but is important to keep everything on-time and on budget!

Here are what some of those tasks look like:

  • Review our final order quantities based on the success of the Kickstarter.
  • Review the status of all reprint and expansion assets. Ask myself if there is anything I'd like to improve upon or look closer at now that the production has additional funding.
  • Meet with my manufacturing manager to lock in a timeline for delivering assets.

Wrap Up

That's all for now! We have a really exciting year ahead of us and I cannot wait to share more production images, additional art previews, and the other fun things we have in store!

Thank you all again, and until next time!

- Clint

Funded! A Short Message from Clint
about 2 months ago – Wed, Oct 12, 2022 at 02:58:41 PM


Wow! What a first day to the campaign. I'm a bit overwhelmed with excitement knowing that the success of this campaign means I'll get to put more of my time and creative energy into growing and expanding the Necromolds universe!

Necromolds is a project that I started working on 5 years ago. Over those 5 years, I've worked together with friends, family, and all of you to grow it into what it is today. And although some things have changed over that time (my hair has gotten grayer!), my passion and excitement for Necromolds have not.

This Kickstarter was a turning point for Necromolds - from being a project that I manage and develop in my spare time as a hobby to something I can work on part-time professionally. You've all helped make this happen, and for that, I am grateful and forever thankful! It means that I'll be able to put time sooner into the new expansions and Necromolds products I've had on my to-do list since it first sold out.


I know some of you have reached out with questions in the comments and DMs - and many of you can't wait to see the list of stretch goals (half of which we've already SMASHED!). Tonight I'm going to send out another official update that will have all that info and more! Today I have to catch up a bit at my full-time job, so after work, I'll be able to focus on answering questions and updating the Kickstarter page. I wasn't anticipating things to have moved and grown so fast!

Bump'in and Mump'in

Party with the Mud Mumps on Instagram!

If you're on Instagram, you can now party with the Mud Mumps in your stories! Necromolds' lead artist Thad Stalmack II put together these fun Mud Mump gifs and managed to get them into AR!

Mud Mump 1

Mud Mump 2

Mud Mump 3

Help us celebrate the #Necromolds campaign and spread the word to more boardgamers by dancing with Basalt's favorite little golems - the Mud Mumps!

Thanks again everyone for helping bring this all to life!

Stretch Goals, Spectral Rings, and a History of Necromolds!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Oct 12, 2022 at 02:58:12 PM

First, I really want to thank you all for supporting Necromolds and pushing it far beyond its initial funding goal!

To all of those who are new to the game: I know you're absolutely going to love it! Whether you're playing with friends or family, molding and smashing armies of monsters is a blast. Just check out the hundreds of player reviews on our website to see what our original backers think of the game!

And to those of you who supported the first print and are back for more: thank you, thank you, thank you! It was your support during 2019 that helped get us to where we are today, and for that, I am truly grateful! The new Call to Arms expansion adds such a fun layer of gameplay on top of the base game. It builds upon the core of what makes Necormolds so fun to play without overly complicating the rules, adding to the mental load, or bogging down the gameplay. It's also the perfect step-up in wargaming for those of you with kids who have mastered the core ruleset! Oh, and you're going to love the new lore book!

We're SMASHING through those Mud Mumps and stretch goals!

48-Hour Spectral Hero Caster Ring Update!

Since we fully funded within 48 hours, ALL pledge levels will receive an exclusive Spectral Hero Caster Ring for FREE! The smash design will be 1 of the 20 available in the Mystery Ring Packs. This ring variant will never be made again!

The pledge levels will still have the (★48 HR★) listed in their title (unfortunately I can't update it), but I've removed the pledge level expiration date. This will make the pledge manager easier to navigate after the campaign ends.

What is a Pledge Manager?

A pledge manager is a tool used to let backers upgrade their pledge levels and add on more items after the campaign ends. It's also where shipping and taxes will be charged prior to fulfillment.

Stretch Goals

In case you haven't seen them yet, stretch goals have been added to the campaign page! As of writing this, we've unlocked 16 stretch goals! We only have 3 left to unlock.

Three of the unlocked goals add new artifacts to the Call to Arms expansion. Check out this sweet in-progress illustration Thad already sent me this morning!

In-progress Soul and Artifact card!

All of the committed stretch goals are chosen because they will improve the game in fun ways without a huge impact on delivery or estimated production cost.

But what happens if we unlock all of the stretch goals? Will there be more?

Like you, I absolutely love playing and collecting Necromolds. There are so many future possibilities that I want to explore, and some of them I may be able to include in this manufacturing run to be made available in the pledge manager or on the website later.

Here are some of the ideas I’m excited to develop over the next 6 months if we surpass our current stretch goals:

  •  A brand new, larger, fully illustrated battle map perfect for 4 or more players - or just larger 2-player battles!
  •  A terrain sticker pack designed to turn your spell clay jars into functional terrain pieces!
  •  A punchboard dice tower that can also be used as a 3D terrain piece!
  •  A BIG BOX or modular storage solution for carrying and organizing all of your spellbooks, rings, and clay!
  •  BASALTS FORTRESS! I know many people were really excited about our white whale from the first Kickstarter - the clay volume measurement tool. I’m going to revisit the idea, improve upon it, and if all goes well, make it a reality!

With these future ideas, I need to make sure I allow for development and design time to make them as functional and fun as possible. For that reason, I won't be adding them as confirmed "stretch goals."

I can only promise you that I don't need a carrot on a stick to chase after cool Necromolds' ideas and content! :)

How to Help Us Spread the Word!

If you're a new supporter: Be sure to share the campaign page in any gaming groups you may be a part of! Let them know why you're so excited to mold and smash monster armies. The more new people we can reach, the more likely we are to fuel this rocket to the moon!

If you're a returning backer: It would be so rad if you could bust out your first printing Battle Box, play a match, and share some photos or videos on social in other gaming communities! I love my promotional photos, but nothing beats seeing a real person playing a real game!

Here is a shortened link to the campaign that is easy to share:

If you're curious as to how Necromolds came about, here is a brief history of the game's creation:

Rewind back to 1996...

My parents were still together, I was in my childhood home, Space Jam was in theaters, and I just got the board game The Grape Escape from a garage sale.  I don’t think I ever actually played the game, but I did love the clay mold of the grape character it came with.  Seven-year-old me would make squads of grapes and send them into imaginary battle, destroying and smashing the fallen soldiers.

Now fast forward to 2017.  For many years I’d been going to gaming conventions for a mix of dungeon crawling and wargaming.  One of my favorite sights is seeing families gaming together.  Something about seeing a dad and his kid geek out over a character sheet makes my unlawful chaotic heart melt - which got me wondering about how I could make wargaming as unintimidating as some of the great tabletop RPG games out there.  Creating something that I could play with my step-brother or friend’s kids felt like a fun challenge.  I set to work listing what I thought was so intimidating about wargaming and how this game would need to be different:

  • It would need to have a fast pace and a shorter playtime.
  • It couldn't have fragile minis.
  • It couldn't require the dedication and patience needed to paint a whole army.
  • The cost would have to be as affordable for families as possible.

Which got me thinking back to smashing those little armies of grape soldiers on the old wooden floor of the house I grew up in.  For a few months, I puzzled through the potential and landed on creating a wargame where wizards create golem armies out of clay to fight on their behalf.  The more I explored the idea and the possibilities, the more invested and excited I became in making it a reality!

I’ve found that it’s around 9 when kids get really interested in the monster’s gameplay abilities and the rules of play.  That’s why I worked to design every aspect of the game pieces themselves as toys.  For example, the battle map isn’t some empty arena to fight in - it’s a highly illustrated scene partially inspired by Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo maps - showcasing a battle from the world’s lore!

As I'm sure you can tell, the toys of my 90's childhood have had a huge influence on the Necromolds' style. Goosebumps, Creepy Crawlers, Mad Max, Mad Magazine, Ninja Stretch Armstrong, and many more. I wanted Necromolds to have the high, take-no-prisoners energy of those toys - but while being something original and not just a remake.

Necromolds has come a long way since those first two years of design and development. In 2019, we successfully funded the first print run of Necromolds. In 2021, we fulfilled that Kickstarter and nervously awaited the reviews and impressions from our supporters. And whether they were a professional board game reviewer or just someone who plays games with their friends and family, the overall consensus was...

They loved it!

This Kickstarter is a very important milestone in the future of Necromolds. Because of the high cost of manufacturing and the unexpected pandemic freight, the first Kickstarter was all about breaking even and seeing if people liked the game. I always knew that the next step would be the make-or-break moment. That is probably why it has taken me extra time to get this reprint and expansion Kickstarter launched. Knowing that failure would be catastrophic, I wanted to make sure I set the campaign up for success as best I could.

When I say that this reprint and expansion wouldn't be happening without the success of this campaign and your support, I really mean it. And the better this campaign does, the sooner we'll be able to develop and produce more monster packs, accessories, and expansions.


One of the most satisfying parts of the last year has been how many talented artists and designers I've had the opportunity to collaborate with on Necromolds. For example, we worked with TinkerHouse to design the 3D constructible terrain pieces included in the expansion.

3D constructible terrain pieces designed in collaboration with TinkerHouse.

We also collaborated with Sean Sutter of Metal King Studios/Relicblade to create the sculpts for Tormurack and the soul-haunted artifacts your Necromolds will be wielding!

Spellbook #15 Tormurack - Sculpted by Sean Sutter of Relicblade!

Sean is an extremely talented game designer, artist, and just a great person to support. He just launched his own Kickstarter for Relicblade today! If you dig his style and want to support another indie developer, please check it out!

To Wrap Up This First Big Update...

Necromolds has been a passion project that I've only been able to develop outside of my day job. There isn't a single day I don't work on or do something with Necromolds - and as the project has grown, my free time has shrunk. For me personally, the success of this campaign will have a dramatic change in my life. At the moment, I'll be able to start dedicating more of my professional work hours to working on Necromolds! And the better this campaign does, the faster I'll be able to make that transition!

That means more monsters, more terrain, and more ways to play!!!

So thank you all for giving me the green light to push forward with growing and working on Necromolds. It is a game that I love creating. It's a universe that I love developing. And it's a wargame that I love playing.

- Clint

Sunday Pizza Party, Penny Arcade Live, and Necromolds' Lore!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Oct 12, 2022 at 02:47:02 PM

Hi Necromolds' backers!

I can't believe it has only been one week since my last update and we've already unlocked all of our stretch goals! Because of your support, not only will the reprint and expansion actually be made - but it will be done so in the best possible way!

Here is a quick example of how you've already improved the game! Although mechanically unnecessary, the variety of wound marker designs we can now manufacture will add so much fun to getting retribution on your enemy's golems! Now you'll get to choose from a long sword, dagger, axe, and more when sticking wound markers into them. More designs mean more tooling which means a higher upfront manufacturing cost - but that's now in reach because of your support!

All of the wound marker designs along with the weak combat dice.

As I mention on the campaign page, just because we've unlocked all our stretch goals doesn't mean the creativity and search for new content has stopped. I'll always be seeking out new ways to improve the game experience - and all of the funds beyond our initial goal will help make that possible!

Here are some of the ideas I’m excited to explore:

  •  A brand new, larger, fully illustrated battle map perfect for 4 or more players - or just larger 2-player battles!
  •  A terrain sticker pack designed to turn your spell clay jars into functional terrain pieces!
  •  A punchboard dice tower that can also be used as a 3D terrain piece!
  •  A BIG BOX or modular storage solution for carrying and organizing all of your spellbooks, rings, and clay!
  •  BASALTS FORTRESS! I know many people were really excited about our white whale from the first Kickstarter - the clay volume measurement tool. I’m going to revisit the idea, improve upon it, and if all goes well, make it a reality!

The ideas that end up making it to the final stage of design and manufacturing will be listed on the pledge manager as add-ons (if completed prior to Kickstarter fulfillment). Otherwise, they'll be added to our website later.


On Sunday, September 25th at 7pm CT, I'm going to be hosting a pizza party livestream on our Youtube Channel. There will be plenty of pizza emojis to message out, so please come hungry to chat! We can celebrate the success of the campaign so far and I can answer any questions you may have about Necromolds!

Hope to see you there! 🎉🎉🎉

Necromolds on Penny Arcade

Earlier this week, I traveled to Seattle to share Necromolds with the team at Penny Arcade via their sponsored content livestream! Eric stumbled upon our booth at GenCon and knew that the PA team would want to play it. Jerry, Eric, and Ryan are all experienced wargamers that play together often.

We played a full battle with the advanced Battle Box rules and the new Call to Arms expansion. It was a total blast! Armies were molded, wounds were applied, and monsters were smashed!

It was cool to again see that the lite rules of Necromolds still hit on the most fun elements of wargaming with enough important decisions and strategies to keep an experienced player engaged. The Call to Arms expansion really builds on that in some fun ways.

After the stream ended, we geeked out for a half hour over the other Necrocaster cards and the unique abilities they bring to the table.

If you missed the livestream, you can now watch it on Twitch or Youtube!

All-New Expanded Necromolds Lore

Now I'm excited to introduce you all to Zane Messina, who is the lead lore writer for Necromolds. Zane is also an English teacher, creative writer, game designer, and lover of comics!

I originally met Zane when searching for game designers on Facebook who would be interested in playtesting and helping shape some new Necromolds content. After working together for a few months, I realized that Zane's creativity and experience might make him a fantastic Necromolds lore writer. And I was correct! We're also able to easily brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other in a way that isn't always easy to find in creative collaborators.

So with all that said, I'll now turn this post over to Zane to talk about his experience working on the new Necromolds lore book!

 Hello, Necrocasters!

This is Zane, the new lore writer here at Necromolds. It’s probably not surprising to learn that I am unbelievably excited about the new expanded lore book. I wish there was a single word that meant “and he pumped his fists madly in the air”, but here we are.

I came on to this project already a fan and original backer of Necromolds because of the games’ originality. To be clear, I’m not just talking about the clay molding aspect. Every component of Necromolds was designed to be part of the fun. This included the rulebook with its mini-games and tantalizing snippets of existing lore. Right from the outset, I knew that doing right by the world of Necromolds meant making sure that fun and originality were baked into as many aspects as possible.

In keeping with this mindset, one of the first things I talked to Clint about was adjusting the setting. The original lore is full of fun characters like Harriet and her globetrotting uncle, Johan Puddix, but they were set exclusively in the past and I wanted them to be a very active part of the story. So while much of the new lore is still set in a fantastical past, Harriet was placed squarely in modern times as a mentor for new necrocasters. This means that as soon as you open the box, you are now a part of Necromolds lore.

"I’ve compiled all of my evidence and writings on the Necromolds thus far and included it here. Study it. Learn it. This information could save your life. If anything happens to me, you might be our last line of defense." - Harriet Puddix

Like so many great heroes, you are leaving your old life behind and entering a bizarre world that most don’t even know exists. All of the accumulated research of Harriet Puddix and Uncle Johan is at your fingertips. Unfortunately, that means that you are now a part of this secret power struggle, and it will definitely not let you remain an idle spectator. By making players a part of the story, it opens up so many more possibilities for interaction with the community, for players to affect the story of Necromolds going forward, and it creates a sense of immediacy right from your very first interaction with the game.

As I mentioned earlier, the first iteration of the game is already full of interesting characters that each hint at a much larger world. But we knew that in order for the story of Necromolds to feel real, further developing its characters was a must. In case you haven’t noticed, Clint is always about ten steps ahead when it comes to his Necromold plans, and so he came with a lot of ideas already in place. Probably the most interesting of those was an idea to develop Basalt LaSeur, arguably the star of v1.0. While a part of me will always love cackling evil-doers like Skeletor and Mon*Star, we wanted all of the major players of Argil, including LaSeur, to have depth and nuance, with no clear heroes and villains.

“It was never a balance! It was a stranglehold. A prison for the people of Argil. One day, I will set them free!” - Basalt LaSeur

We went on a deep dive into how the histories of all six wizard kings intertwine with each other, the creation of the caster rings, and the state of the world. Suffice to say that each of them has a very good reason for taking up a caster ring and trying to gain control of Argil. No heroes or villains here, just six interesting characters that, I hope, you’ll love to switch between game after game. For anyone worried that maybe this is going to go over the heads of younger players, let me just say that nothing went into this book unless it got the approval of a certain 8-year-old critic in my house.

And we’ve just scratched the surface! Even in thirty pages, we were only able to tell a small part of the Necromolds saga. So don’t worry, there’s definitely more to come.

- Zane Messina, Lead Necromolds' Lore Writer

Only 2 Weeks Left!

Thank you again to everyone who has backed the campaign and presented me with the chance to fully realize and further develop the world of Necromolds! We only have two weeks left to spread the word, so please continue to share your excitement with local and online boardgame communities!

In a future update, I'll discuss the Necrocaster boards in detail and reveal more about the factions within Necromolds. Until next time!

- Clint